The Art of Fred Martin
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Fred Martin's Gift of Works
to The China Academy of Art (CAA)
in recognition and honor of our more than
30 years of love and cooperation.


The entrance to the China Academy of Art.
The entrance to the  Museum is through and to the right.



The entrance to the exhibition
of my gift to CAA. The doorway to the show
is at the lower right.


The catalog of my gift.

The opening wall.

As you enter the actual gallery of the exhibition, my artist's statement
about my art and Chinese and World culture.
Click here for a copy of the statement.



I have always kept notebooks of my travels in China.
I gave several to CAA that had reference to the lessons
I had learned there and to my travels in those years.

I have never photographed or copied those notebooks.
This is the opening page in the catalog of my gift
where the notebooks are described.



Click here for a copy of my statement
about the role of Chinese art and culture
in my work.





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