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A selection of prints and paintings from Beulah Land, 1965-66.

Unless otherwise noted, all are Collection Oakland Museum of California.

Images marked
** are described in the catalog for my 2003 Retrospective at the Oakland Museum of California. 
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Beulah Land,
Collection Oakland Museum

In 1965-6, I condensed/confirmed the imagery of the 18 x 18 inch collages into a series drawings and then etchings of Beulah Land, the place in Paul Bunyanís Pilgrimís Progress where the good go just outside the gates of Paradise to wait for final entry to Heaven.  My book showed the way there, the objects and landmarks and emblems of the place, and the entrance to Arcadia (from Poussinís Et in Arcadia Ego) at the end.  The image immediately below is a hand-colored proof of a the plate for the first version of the title page of Beulah Land.  Throughout the book, I used nineteenth century ideas and images of California like the crockery I imagined my great aunts had that was decorated with California poppies and blue birds of happiness.  I made the Poppy Cup a symbol of woman as well as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  It was nineteenth century California as the golden land of plenty.


Beulah Land: title page
on exhibition Fred Martin Retrospective, 2003
at the Oakland Museum


Beulah Land, pl. 7. (left)
and artist's proof for
"Poppy Cup" (right)
on exhibition Fred Martin Retrospective, 2003
at the Oakland Museum
Artist's proof for Beulah Land title page, first version.

** Beulah Land, Artist's Proof
for "Poppy Cup.



Beulah Land, Artist's Proof
for "Earth Urn."

Beulah Land, cover.

Beulah Land, pl. 7,
"Harvest Song."

Beulah Land, pl. 8,

Beulah Land, pl. 11,
"Old Tomb."
Beulah Land, epigraph.
11.  Beulah Land, detail of cover.