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Paintings January 2007

#4, January 2007

All paintings are acrylic on paper, 44 x 30 inches
unless otherwise noted.

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#1, January 2007
Private Collection, Ketchum, ID




#2a, January 2007


#2b, January 2007



#4, January 2007

#5, January 2007

#6, January 2007
#s4, 5, 6 January 2007:  a triptych consisting of Three More Times For Marsyas



#3, January 2007


From my studio notes of December 3, 2006,
but it applies to always

Very very late night.
Looking at #1, December, and going to bed.
Yes, you are getting nowhere, Sonny, nowhere in terms of career.

A career in the arts…We are supposed to be like rap
stars ascending the glittering sky of fame.

Fame is celebrity—but to be celebrated by whom? Whoever is doing the celebrating, is celebrating someone acting out the celebrant’s life dreamed large. But the ways of my dreams have been always as different from the fame of celebrities as are now the ways of my life different from theirs.

 Fifty years ago I took a different step with the collages of those days. These works now are larger in scale, more massive and slower to make. But these now like those then are only footprints in the path of life, and life has nothing to do with fame.


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