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Paintings March 2007

#1, March 2007

All paintings are acrylic on paper, 44 x 30 inches
unless otherwise noted.

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#1, March 2007


#2, March 2007


#3, March 2007
With every age we learn
every loss is followed by another

#5, March 2007


#6, March 2007

#8, March 2007


#9, March 2008

#11, March 2007--final state


#12, March 2007

#4, March 2007



From March Studio Notes

 March 27, 2007.
Oakland, night.
Starting #11, March 2007.
Trying to re-create the collages of 1963-66...  I cannot in my voice now built from all my life before, tell the story of of my life then.

What is my voice now? “To every age its art, to every art its freedom.”—was the late 19th Century cry of youth against the stultification of age. This art now for me is the cry for freedom for an art for my age now. Looking back, the 1958-66 work was the foundation for the arch of the bridge of my life. This art now, however much I may not like it, is the other end of the arch leading to the land unknown at the end of life.

I will make the wall that is our lives… old walls tell always the old story—
a man fucks, builds a world for the children and then moves aside for tomorrow…

The painting shows the wall, the ever streaming of the blood, and the doorway to beyond. The doorway has my sign in it moving far away from us.

#11, March 2007 is The Garden Gate at Stra, forty years later.

The Garden Gate at Stra, ca.1965
Collage, 18 x 18 inches.
Collection Oakland Museuem

March 28, 2007.
Oakland, morning.
Still working on #11, March 2007. Well, what was beautiful last night the morning reveals to have been only an infatuation.  What will come today remains to be seen.

There is an old radiance within which we live.

Very late night (actually 1:00 am, March 29)
Only a glance before sleep…
Oh, shit, Fred, it won’t work. All lost, all lost.
It’s a face I can’t get rid of—the eye, the mouth.
I don’t like him at all.

March 29, 2007.
Oakland, early morning.
Still working on #11, March 2007.
Turn it upside down, get rid of the face.

Late afternoon.
Mine is an art about living—the story of my life. Yes, every artist’s art is that either by unconscious or indirection or both (Vincent: “Like every work of art, a self-portrait”), but my art is up front with the story even when it's unconscious to me.

There is a void at the bottom. Put in the old sun.
Goddamn, the face is back—mouth, eye and mind.

End of night.
After watching television—what is the point of it all; what is, indeed, the point of it all?


Well, that’s it for #11, March 2007. It’s not what you want but what you get.

#11, March 2007--first state,


March 30, 2007.
Oakland, late night.
Maybe now. When you don’t know what you want, you don’t know how to get it and, you don’t get anything you want. Tell me, painting, reveal to me  that I love you  you are what I want.


Going now to bed. Standing on the edge of…


What is the point of it all?

#11, March 2007—final state.


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