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Paintings April 2007

#1, April 2007

All paintings are acrylic on paper, 44 x 30 inches
unless otherwise noted.

Scroll down for the paintings, click the images for larger views.

#1, April 2007


#2, April 2007


#3, April 2007
You get one Great Scream

#4, April 2007



#6a-k, April 2007.
Consists of 11 pages, each 12 x 9 inches.

#7, April 2007.


#11, April 2007.
Past gone
Future unknown
Be Now


#12, April 2007
leave the marks
to tell your story


#13, April 2007

#14, April 2007



#15, April 2007.
Developed from a photograph
of the ruins and memories of a 1966 collage "Earth Home"
(Note: This painting is the State 1 of #3, May 2007)




From April Studio Notes

Sunday, April 22, 2007.

Lac Ouaureau, night.
The 1958 through 1965 collages were the "existential cry" of youth transforming its sexuality from adolescence to manhood.  These works now (2006-7) are the cry of the transformation from manhood to old age.  In each case—the old works and the new works—medium, form, content, were/are shaped by need.

The need: the sexual paths are formed very early in life.  The channels of desire and pleasure, the neural pathways, the muscular responses, the emotions and mental associations—the whole particular (and I think in every case specific to each individual) pattern for discharge of the “drive of nature” in the male, the need to ejaculate.

The path from adolescence to maturity, from the need to ejaculate as structured by early adolescent experience, to the act of building a family, these paths in me were imaged in the 1958-66 works.  Now 60 years or more later, the neural, kinesthetic pathways of pleasure and ecstasy are still there, but the hormonal drive is not... no "cum."

What then for a mind/body, a soul with all the needs for ecstasy it ever had, and all the pathways empty of the driving energy?

There are constant ads for sexual tools from Viagra/Cialis to the towelette to induce instant hard-ons, from testosterone shots to dietary supplements.  

The original paths to ecstasy are still there waiting and calling, but the sexuality that surged through them is gone.  What can take its place?  Jacking off won't work.  Can painting (my old "religious act”… the materialization of the body and blood of my life)—can painting fully take its place?

Painting--the materialization of the body and blood of my life--for all the years, it gave the "Only One Sign" in  #7 above. Well, now it looks more like it's going to be things  like #s 12 13 14 15. The products of the cliche "Time will tell" will have to tell me.


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