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Paintings June 2007

#3, June 2007

All paintings are acrylic on paper, 44 x 30 inches
unless otherwise noted.

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#1, June 2007


#2, June 2007


#3, June 2007


From April Studio Notes

April 7, 2007.
Lac Ouaureau, late morning.

Reading B. J. Leggett about A. E. Housman’ s “artistic form”…
“Contemporary versions of a psychoanalytic aesthetic theory assume that artistic form works to defend the artist against the anxiety aroused by the content”

My sometimes artistic form—
Make it appear as a yellowed old manuscript or a painting left darkening in an attic. The stories told and the things depicted are long ago and far away. What was the sad and troubled when new has now long later only the charm of the old and forgotten.

Housman’s “creative need”—
“Housman’s almost mystical description of the composition of his verse as a passive and involuntary process characterized by illness, agitation and exhaustion is offered as his final argument for the purely emotional nature of poetry, its non-intellectual basis.”

My “creative need”—
Worried and emotionally tense with no particular object of concern, there very frequently come to mind the words, “learn to draw— painting, painting— drawing, drawing.”  I guess I better find out how.

Housman’s “creative method”—
“Housman…describes the act of composition as pure spontaneity: ‘As I went along, thinking of nothing in particular…there would flow into my mind, with sudden and unaccountable emotion, sometimes a line or two of verse, sometimes a whole stanza at once, accompanied, not preceded, by a vague notion of the poem of which they were to be a part.’”

My “creative method”—
Set the paper straight and centered on the table; spray it with clear water; brush the surface with a wide, dry brush; first drip the ochre or raw sienna  on the paper and then spray; then drip the carbon black and spray… Remember the visual equivalent of Housman’s “line or two… sometimes a whole stanza” and begin to find what the colors and shapes give to the paper and to me.

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