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Paintings, December 2008

#1, December 2008

Acrylic on paper, 44 x 30 inches.

Scroll down for the painting,
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#1 December 2008



A selection of studio notes from December
including those relating from the time of making  #1 December 2008...

December 13, 2008.
Oakland, no time indicated.
Where are you going? What will you do when you get there?

The studio now is the space I have.
The my life now is the content I have.

The question is, what will I do in the space I have with the content I have?

The Art World?
Not my space, not my content.

A message to the future
blown down unknown streets on the winds of times to come?

“Great Caesar’s bones are dust and clay
Pushed in a hole to keep the wind away”
(Remembered as best I can from a long lost book about the immortality of the soul.)

From a couple of post-its from about then…

Crystalline, crystalline,
Terrifying, terrifying,
Time, time—
The crystal blue sky.

Old men, old women, old people in their late age
send messages to the future—
a memoir, a notice, a… 
What are these things I make now?

December 15, 2008.
Oakland, morning.
Wake, work, eat and fuck and sleep,
And wake, work, eat and fuck and sleep again
And wake, work, eat and fuck and sleep again
And again and again
And again…

There must be something more.[1]

December 20, 2008.
Montreal, morning.
Broken pieces of everything clog everywhere the life of today.

[1] (I told a student that the other night. He only stared at me.)



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