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Paintings, July 2008

#6, July 2008

All are acrylic on paper, 44 x 30 inches unless noted

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# 1a, July 2008, second state
15 x 11 inches.
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  the set #1a-h, July 2008 

# 2, July 2008.


# 3, July 2008.


# 4, July 2008.

#6, July 2008.

Begun as “Ashes, ashes, the flesh tells the story of its glory and resurrection” (the cum blossom in the dust). Words re-worked as “Glory, ashes, dust and resurrection, the story of flesh,” with the note that “Yes, it’s always resurrected, but it is not me.”

# 7, July 2008.

“Calling, calling, calling"
Was begun with
“Old man, old man, you’ve never had another job
from youth to now—to build, build, build.
Once it was the cum driving in your balls,
now it’s the heart’s calling the dawn beyond the evening star.


# 9, July 2008.
Still wet on the studio table.
Self Portrait but not Yet
We is only names penciled on wastepaper,
scratched on rocks in  forgotten cemeteries,
ashes scattered in the sea.

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