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Paintings for September-October 2010

#1 September 2010

All paintings are acrylic on paper, 44 x 30 inches
unless otherwise noted.

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#1 September 2010.

About #1 September...

I was reading and I saw and heard—

“On the horizon of eternity
We all pass
It stays.”


You can weep and you can cry,
All the times will pass you by.



#2 September 2010.

About #2 September…

Ever smoldering
Caught between
Earth and sky
On a night of full moon

(and the moon was full above the studio that night)



#1 October 2010.

From the studio notes about this painting...

In the Monte Vista studio, very late night,
begin #1 October 2010.

Remembering the talk in Beijing about the the autumn there once so beautiful
they called it the time of Golden Harvest…
anyway, for me to see the autumn harvest that will not come again.

The altar in the studio is the painting table to hold the passing thoughts…

 All things pass, none remain as they were.
Every person of every generation sees, thinks differently;
and so the artist's work for forever is already gone with the first person who sees it.


Make them
For yourself
The silence of your soul
In the depth of night.

’Cause for you that’s all there is.




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