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Scroll down for a selection from paintings May 2013

#s 3-10, May 2013
All are acrylic on paper, 22 x 15 inches.


#3, May 2013


Sunday, May 5, 2013. Lac O studio, sometime today.
#3, May 3013.
The text is
because the painting is a
coffin with corpse. 

Some notes…
After every sunset comes a sunrise,
But come sometime that sunrise is not for you.

And every springtime like this one now
Is followed by an autumn like that past
And that by a springtime again
But comes a time that springtime
Won’t be yours.

Thursday, May 9, 2013. Lac O, afternoon.
Sunrise, sunset
The world goes on
When after you’re gone.

#4, May 2013.


Thursday May 10, 2013. Lac O studio, night.
#4, May 2013.
The text reads...
 “So many sunsets all your years of life”

May 12, 2013. Lac O studio, afternoon.
I must paint every sunset until the last one.
But I won’t know which one that will be
Because I will be dead and won’t see it.

#5, May 2013.


May 16, 2013.

#5, May 2013 became “Sunset to Twilight to Dark.”
“Violet, a cooled-red both in the physical and spiritual sense, possesses an element of frailty, expiring sadness. This colour is considered proper for dresses of older women, as the Chinese actually use it as the colour of mourning. It is similar to the sound of an English horn, the shepherds flute, or the deep, low tone of wood instruments (for example, a bassoon).”

The violet it that tiny touch at the crevice between the black on the right and the raw umber at the bottom.



#6, May 2013.


May 18, 2013. Lac O studio, late afternoon.

I heard, “Dawn comes, the river flows.”
When will I get dawn?

May 19, 2013. Lac O studio, afternoon.
#6 May 2013.
Dawn, a smear of blood in the dust
and the river of life pours down.


#7, May 2013.


May 21, 2013. Lac O studio, late afternoon.
#7 May 2013.
I heard,
“It came to an end
Dead in the dust”

And so I painted it.

 A little later
This first step is maybe all there is.
Don’t fuss it anymore.

And then a thought for another painting…
Too much is lost beyond recovery
Too much is broken beyond repair

#8, May 2013.


May 21, 2013. Lac O studio, night.
#8 May 2013.
Life and Death.

#9, May 2013.


May 23, 2013. Lac O studio, afternoon.
#9, May 2013.
The text says...
So much breaks
       never fixed
So much lost
       never found
So much born
       always dies
So many dawns
       always sunset
So much is
       comes all to dust

#10, May 2013

May 23, Lac O studio, night
An idea for the next painting—

"Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust."

An equilateral triangle, with ashes to ashes, dust to dust in the center, and on the left side “We were,” on the right, “We are,” and on the bottom, “We will be.”

 Looking at all of the May paintings on the studio wall, I heard…
“What a thing. How optimistic.”



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