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Paintings April-May 2015

All paintings April-May 2015 are acrylic on paper, some with collage, 22 x  15 inches.


#1, April 2015


Note that most of the activity in April and May was making the book "From Paintings and Notes 2015". To see the book, click here for my Publications

 May 6, 2015. Montréal studio, afternoon.
I’ve been thinking now for several days how to make it

A manuscript to hold in the hand,
to see close up and flooding the field of vision…

A painting set on a wall, not touched, seen from at least six feet or more away – you see more of the wall and the place than the art object unless the painting is of wall size, (or a window into—“a picture of”)’

 Well, anyway –
Night follows day and day follows night
Until one night your day doesn’t. 

#1, April 2015.
A little later – It’s all come down to
to make a new tomorrow.


#1A, May 2015

#1B,May 2015

May 25th, 2015. Montréal studio, 5:30 AM.
I heard, “It’s time to get to work, Boy.”

Begin #1A-B, May 2015.
Anaximander’s theory of the perpetual coming to be and passing away will be made as The Passing Away and The Coming to be.
[I’ve been thinking of this for weeks]
This, the left side (1A, May 2015), is the passing away…

So, I told my Master, “See, I did.”

May 26, 2015. Montréal studio, 6:30 AM.
Of the diptych #1A-B, May 2015,
begin the right side, #1B, May2015, “The coming to be”.

 Is it still the diptych format, or has this painting for the right side already become a thing in itself?  It became an egg in fertilization.


May 26, Montréal studio night.
Yes, it’s the coming to be. Yes, painting for me has been often like reading the tea leaves in the bottom of the cup (but now we use tea bags).

May 27, 2015. Montréal studio, 6 AM.
Final touches on the right side of #1A-B, May 2015.

The left side, “Passing away,” and the right side, “Coming to be” sure don’t like each other. All the more reason they must stay together with “Coming to be” on the right because the egg of the “could be” is always blossoming (hatching).

 If only I knew now for me.

May 30, 2015. Montréal, on waking.
The wind blows, they come, they go. And in one hundred years,
every one of us billions today will have come and gone.


#2, May 2015
It is the egg of the always
and the horizon of the eternal return,


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