The Art of Fred Martin
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April through August, 2018.

#1, April 2018.


#1, April 2018
Is the discovery of the real subject of a memorial painting made in January
for a friend to give to his friend who had just lost his wife.
My friend did not like the memorial I had made, and so we scrounged around for something else,
found something we both liked, and his friend did too.
The original memorial lay in the heap of studio rejects until April
(you will remember "April is the cruelest month" and spring time life is burgeoning)
and looking at the failed memorial I saw instead the Womb of the Earth
and my sperm rising there with a line of blood for life.

#1, #1, May 2018.
"Someday you'll get there."



#2, May 2018.
"All and always ever"

#3, May 2018.
"I am talking to you"


#2, June 2018.
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#1, August 2018.
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