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Paintings, April 2006

#9, March 2006

All paintings are acrylic on paper, 44 x 30 inches.

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#1, April 2006


#2, April 2006


#4, April, 2006


#7, April 2006


#9, April 2006


#10, April 2006
(is State 2 of #6 April 2006)


#11, April 2006



A Fragment from April studio notes...

April 18, 2006. Oakland.
I would pull at your heartstrings the way mine are pulled… No, I would have your heartstrings feel as mine feel. I cannot pull at your heartstrings the way mine are pulled because my experiences are not yours and so what pulls me cannot pull you. Thus, my work is doomed to fail… sending only little sentimental messages saying, “I feel… so you should feel for me.”

And so perhaps I cannot make the “art of surface,” the nicer vision of our daily lives I thought of trying to make the other day. Only the tearing sense of loss in my gut will make your gut tear too.

The sense of loss… in youth, everything to gain; in maturity, everything to build and keep, in age, all to lose.

For an art such as mine—expressionist, for better or worse—there is only the cry of soul. And the content of that cry changes with the life of the soul itself. “For everything there is a season…” and now my season is fall.

So, say what you have to say, too soon it will be too late.

Late afternoon.
For Zola, it was J’ accuse; for me, it’s J’ refuse. I refuse death, and art gave me the pomegranate* (again). “What goes around, comes around.”

*Note: For the pomegranate art gave me, see #8, April 2006.


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