The Art of Fred Martin
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A selection of work, January-early March 2012

Unless otherwise noted, all works are acrylic with collage, approx. 14 x 8 inches.

A studio view, #1 March 2012 still wet on the table


#1, January 2012.


#1, February 2012.

#2, February 2012.

#3, February 2012.

#4, February 2012.

#5, February 2012.
There is a text not yet there--
"We are marks looking for meaning;
have you a meaning looking for its  marks?"

#6, February 2012.
The text is from William Blake--
"All that lives is holy."
Text yet to be added is--
"Says who?"

#7, February 2012.
Acrylic with collage, 44 x 30 inches.
The text at the top says--
"I wrote my story
shining on the sunset clouds
for all below to read.
Night fell, and the day dawned cloudless."


#1, March 2012. "The Star of Life."
Acrylic on paper, 28 x 40 inches. Still wet on the studio table.S

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