The Art of Fred Martin
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September through December, 2017.

#2, September 2017.


#1, August 2017.
"A Conception"



#2, August 2017.
"A Conception"

#4, August 2017.


#3, August 2017.
"A Conception"

#1,September 2017.


#2, September 2017.

#3, September 2017.
And as I tore the diamond in half
I could hear the soprano screaming.

#4, October 2017.
Old Notes From a Dead Day



#5, November 2017.
"Where will I go.... What will I  know"

"Lern By Doing"


#6, December 2017.


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June was the exhibition and gift of more than thirty of my works
to the China Academy of Art (CAA)
in recognition and honor of our more than 30 years of love and cooperation.

Click the above to see the show.