The Art of Fred Martin
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A General Directory to My ArtWeek Essays as So Far Transcribed

January 7, 1978.
The Last of Fame

June 17, 1978.
Conversations in Studios, Classrooms and Galleries

January 13, 1979.
More Conversations (not yet available)

February 2, 1979.
Heroes (not yet available)



January 15, 1983.
For New Year's Day

February 26, 1983.
What Foxy Knows

March 12, 1983.
What Foxy Knows, Part 2

March 26, 1983.
The End of What Foxy Knows

October 29, 1983.
The Roots and the Star


June 14, 1986
Signed in the Lower Left Corner

So in Need
(undated, maybe early 1990's.)