The Art of Fred Martin
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A selection of paintings...
1977-78, from an antique land, part 1.
All paintings are watercolor on paper,  sizes as indicated.
Scroll down for the paintings, click the image for a larger view.
The Antique Land paintings, print and book were the result of several years of work using the Monroe Institute methods of inducing altered state states of consciousness.  I began the work because all of my old ways of working in art were worn out.

The two images to the right are among the earliest images from this work.  I was in these early days trying to use old ways (I couldn't think of any other ways) to find my way in new worlds...




Then I tried representing my mat—I’ll have to call it a meditation mat,
but it was really my flying carpet for astral travel,
usually visualized to start with as a beach towel, spread out near the surf of an evening beach…
Yes, I thought, make a picture of this thing I lie on and from which the journey begins each day.

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