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Paintings May 2007

#9, May 2007

All paintings are acrylic on paper, 44 x 30 inches
unless otherwise noted.

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#1, May 2007


#2, May 2007


#3, May 2007
(is State 2 of #15, April 2007)



#4, May 2007.
(is a re-image of #4, February 2002
which is in turn a re-image of
all the ears of good corn
from the late 1950's) and ever since.

#5, May 2007.
(is a re-image in contemporary form
of The Boy's Union Tool Chest from 1967)


#6, May 2007.

#7, May 2007.



#8, May 2007

#9, May 2007.
(is State 2 of #8, April 2007)

#10, May 2007.
(is State 2 of  #9, April 2007)




From May Studio Notes

Friday, May 04, 2007.
Oakland, late afternoon/sunset.
Looking through the west windows into the late sun shining through the red-leafed plum…
the Tree of Life will come and go and come again, but for each of us it’s only once.

A little later.
Mt. Tamalpais in the late light…
Is that what I am, that light on the far horizon calling to the students who come after?
We are always inside our horizons; the view of us from outside, we will never know.

Last light of sunset.
You’ve only got one time with every passing moment, so say it now…
“Oh stay, thou passing moment, thou art so fair.”

Oh, it all hurts so much because we have cared so much and tried so hard…
They are all of them—my work this last month or so—manuscripts from a long past to a far future (calling, calling). [And this became the seed-text for #1, May 2007.]

The Chinese scholar at the end of day telling with his brush the dying sound of old poems…


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