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Paintings for April-May-June 2010

#1 June 2010

I have discovered that I always need a project, and my dissatisfaction with my last six months of work is that I have not had one. So, in mid April (the next painting after #1 April below) I decided the "project" of my next and most likely last years would  be the "summing up" of my work from the mid 1950's to now. I chose to begin with the mid 50's because it seemed to me it was then I began the journey of which the fifty years since has been the realization.

Well, a project. But execution of a project requires conceptualization of materials and methods. It took weeks after I had already started the work, but one early morning in late May (I had already made #2 April and #s 1-4 May) the aphorism came to me as I was waking--

From now to look at then
with all the half century of life since.

Thus, the late April and all of the May paintings were built in my Lac Ouareau Studio from photos in my computer of paintings in a few folders in a file drawer labeled "1950's" in my Oakland studio. The drawer holds fifty or more folders, each folder with anywhere from ten to thirty or more 9x12 paintings/collages of the kind I made in those days. (Click here to see a survey of this kind of work from those years.)

I began with a folder labeled Streets of San Francisco begin to turn into Cock-Book-1956-7? (that folder became #2 April), beginning there because it was then that my on-the-spot drawings of the decayed old mansions of San Francisco began to become images of my sexuality in transformation from an adolescent "show me and I'll fuck it" into a mature man building a family, a home and a world.

I was very dissatisfied with #2 April, but that dissatisfaction gave the drive and impulse and breakthrough to #1 May and all of the work since.

Click the thumbnails below to see and read about the April-May-June paintings.

#1 April 2010

#2 April 2010

#1 May 2010

#2 May 2010. (detail)

#3, May 2010.

#4 May 2010

#5 May 2010
#1 June 2010



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