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Paintings #2a-d, March 2008

#1, March 2008

All are acrylic on paper, 22 x 15 inches

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#2a, March 2008.
"Don't let the dark take you,
fight back."



#2b, March 2008.
“Never say never [‘cause the dark encroaches],
it [the sunrise and the green life] always comes back.”

#2c, March 2008.
“Sure, for always, forget it
[because life always ends only as dark dust].
But, for now, BE.”


#2d, March 2008
“This world, this time fading, passing.
Hold the flesh in your hand, make its sign on the wall of the cave—the one dies, the other remains. The sign no longer known makes a new mark for memory to remember.”

Then, above, where I put too often a star,
just a touch of orange for happiness.




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#1, March 2008

#2, March 2008

#3, March 2008
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#5, March 2008

#6, March 2008


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