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Paintings #6a-h, March 2008

#6a, March 2008. (detail)

All are acrylic on paper, 22 x 15 inches

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#6a, March 2008.
“Try to make it deeper, so all the past
will last through all the future”
(Private collection, Beijing, PRC)


#6b, March 2008.
“Make the paint so all the past it holds
will last for all the future to come.”

(Private collection, Hangzhou, PRC)


#6c, March 2008.
Your every act is only a page in the book
of all the pages of the infinity of life."


#6d, March 2008.
“King Death sometimes hurts only a little.
But don’t try it.”


#6e, March 2008.
“All the knowledge, hope and fear of all the world are met in you each day.”
(Private collection, Dalian, PRC)


#6f, March 2008.
“The falling light, the fading light,
is yet the light that does not die.”


#6g, March 2008
“On the way out, we leave our mark
in the dust of eternity.”


#6h, March 2008
“Never say never
because you’ll only get ever.”





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